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No travel for me this holiday weekend...staying in town doing stuff...Yesterday, I took a walk downtown on Belle Isle..

I took the picture below on the island but did not post it at first because I couldn't decide if it was creepy or not. I see other folks online posting pictures of random people on the street -- I mean not 'street art', but photos of specific people they see around, and doing that always seemed a bit creepy to me.

So I sent the pic to a couple of friends, asking if it was creepy. And they both said it seemed pretty anonymous, so it was not creepy. I mentioned to one that the sunbather was center of attention in the photo, and that I was pretty close to him. That friend said the picture would not be as good further away.

Since they both thought it was fine, I went ahead an posted it!
Sunbather at the river

I met up with my sister today. She is changing careers and wants to open her own electrolysis business. She is going to school for it, including both classwork as well as practice. She needs 100 hours of practice, so I have been going nearly every weekend to her school so she can practice on me, lol!

And LORD KNOWS, I could use a bit of electrolysis on my back! I told my Brazilian friend about it after one session, and he asked if I was 'bald' -- careca -- but I misunderstood the word (I thought he asked if I was 'hairy'), so I answered como um macaco -- 'like a monkey!', lol...

Glad to get a bike ride in this morning. Still very short rides under 16 miles, but it feels great to be out on the bike!

I have just started talking to a guy in Brazil online. We have traded a few Whatsapp messages, text and voice. Now, he wants to talk directly on the phone, which is a bit nerve-wracking for me! He's cute...and has a nice voice. And really, if you can't flirt with a guy 6000 miles away, who on Earth can you flirt with, lol?

But it's so so hard to converse on the phone in a different language! We'll see. I told him maybe this holiday weekend. We shall see...

I bought a book for a friend for her birthday. Actually, I bought one for me and one for her, lol! Our gifts tend to have a theme, and that theme would be alcohol! It's a cute book! I like it -- it's about which plants are used to make cocktails and why, and it also includes recipes for the ingredients!

I have lavender growing outside, so I cut some, dried it and hung it in the kitchen --

Anyway, I think a friend is coming over for wine tonight...so far the weekend has been nice!


May. 24th, 2017 09:27 pm
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Interesting evening tonight with my Brazilian friend...tonight was 'English only', but we sometimes have to improvise when we are communicating.

We met at the sorveteria -- the ice cream parlor that we often meet at...we always attract attention from the staff, as we switch back and forth between English and Portuguese!

His English is great (and my Portuguese kinda sucks)...but tonight he was trying to describe the type of Brazilian music NOT to listen to, and he was talking about a type of movement...he used the word 'rebolando', which Google Translate gave as 'rolling'...#NotHelpful

So he found some videos to explain -- 'rebolando' is 'twerking' in English.

Not my favorite move. Not my favorite type of music. No worries that I will try to learn Portuguese with this type of music!

Next time will be Portuguese only!


May. 21st, 2017 05:06 pm
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Brunch with friends this morning...and then I went to the Botanical Garden to walk around; I hadn't been there in an age!




My niece and her girlfriend just became engaged...They have been together for years, and I'm happy for her and forward to being invited to the wedding!

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The other day a video made the rounds on Twitter of a very angry, intolerant, prejudiced, wheelchair-bound xenophobe yelling at someone. Why? Evidently, just for speaking Spanish!

At first, I didn't listen to the video because I knew it would upset me, especially after I saw it autoplay (without sound) on Twitter. From the body language and facial language, I know I would not want to watch the video.

In a way, I still wish I had not watched it. So be warned!

The guy in the wheelchair evidently went ballistic because someone near him was speaking Spanish. The Spanish speaker was a Puerto Rican man near him was sitting in his chair speaking Spanish to his mom.

Other than the actual confrontation itself upsetting me...the other upsetting feelings I had was how sorry I felt for the xenophobe's ignorance!

==> Sorry for him that he had such hate weighing him down.
==> Sorry for him that he felt so self centered (and privileged) that he would even think of intruding on someone else's life like that.

I mean, how could another human language possibly upset him? Why in the world would you initiate a confrontation with someone over their language?? I love learning other languages, and the idea boggles my mind!

Why & how did the xenophobe allow himself to get to such a foul state of existence? Why is he so afraid of others?

Maybe I should feel sorry for the Spanish speaking guy for having his 'pursuit of happiness' so harshly intruded upon by such a hateful person...but really, all I could keep thinking was how sorry I was that the xenophobe was living with all that hate!

Now, I am certainly aware that a xenophobe is dangerous -- I mean, no matter how 'sorry' you might feel for a bomb, you certainly don't want to be around one...and that's how I feel about the xenophobe -- I don't want him around!

If the man had not been in a wheelchair, had not been in an airport, had not been being video taped, he would most likely have tried to hurt the Spanish speaking man -- after all, he bumped his wheelchair against them as it was. So, yea, a bomb.

In a perfect world, the xenophobe should have been arrested for public disorderly conduct. I think the Spanish speaking man handled himself very properly, although I think it would have been better to have stopped talking after a while because it was like adding gasoline to the fire.

In the post so far, I have avoided using the words 'white nationalist' or 'racist'. The man probably does hold those beliefs, but I really wanted to emphasize the hate and fear the guy seemed to have of another language and culture.

It just is crazy!
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I'm back to my Portuguese lessons...is my Portuguese better? Yep! Is it great? Nope! LOL!

It's hard to 'really' learn a language without being immersed. Having a Brazilian friend helps a lot. And the lessons I take online help also...I like doing this, and I'll keep at it, but it's very slow going!

Música da licão hoje à noite --
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I noticed my photos have taken on a blurry, dark note lately!

Rainy Night

Playing around with the camera tonight!

Rainy Night

But notes of hope as well! I like finding 'urban wildflowers' -- flowers growing in harsh conditions.
City Flowers / Flores da Cidade

City Flowers / Flores da Cidade

And rain --

And not blurred, but focused --
Playing around with the camera tonight!
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This morning, I decided to try a recipe for a pancake made in the oven. Here is a recipe from online -- the one I used called for 3 eggs and 4 Tbs of butter (but I couldn't find the site for that recipe).

Easy and tasty with maple syrup!

I've still been playing with an app called 'Darkr', which is supposed to mimic old small, medium, and large format cameras, as well as mimicking how film was developed in an old-style darkroom. It's interesting to me, mostly because I never worked with a darkroom.

Here's a picture of a Coreopsis bloom from my front garden.
Coreopsis flower

Bike ride today and some yardwork. Otherwise, a pretty quiet weekend. The family did not get together for Mother's Day, but we should get together in a couple weeks for my Dad's birthday.

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Robert Lentz icon

I've had some Robert Lentz icons on my wall for 20 years! I just noticed how much more faded they are than when I first hung them!



May. 6th, 2017 10:45 pm
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Rosa 'Tahitian Sunset'
Rosa "Tahitian Sunset"

An edit of a photo from 2008 --
"Postcard" from the Golden Gate in 2008

Rosa 'Zephrine Drouhin' which I planted years ago between my neighbor and me --
Rosa 'Zerphrine Drouhin'


May. 2nd, 2017 06:01 pm
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Morson's Row on Governor Street (1853)

Working downtown is hard. Parking. Traffic. Bad sidewalks. Hard on your shoes.

But working downtown has perks. Food carts. More exercise walking around. People-watching. And interesting places to eat lunch, like the buildings above!

Foi Mal!

Apr. 30th, 2017 05:03 pm
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I thought I had already posted this, but I couldn't find it. A few weeks ago, I was mowing the grass, and I saw this cute little baby bunny under the tulips! So cute, so I stopped and took pics with my phone!

Mind you, I was NOT mowing the tulips -- only the grass! But when I came up the other side and got close, I saw the baby bunny run away. And I then I saw baby bunny #2 run a different direction. And I thought, awwww, how cute!

And then...and then...I heard and felt WOMP-WOMP-WOMP under the lawnmower! Baby bunny #3 had run under my lawnmower!!! It was bad...completely by accident...but I didn't even like looking at the pile of bloody baby bunny in the grass!

Anyways, my area of town is overrun with rabbits, and the remaining 2 bunnies have matured a lot in a few weeks! I've noticed a couple of hawks flying and perching here lately, so they also have noticed our abundance of rabbits!
A lazy Sunday evening...

Do you think the rabbits know that I'm a vegetarian?
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Charlotte V has shown up in the yard!
Charlotte V -- Leucauge venusta in evening sun

A few years ago, a car accident occurred in my front yard. Using the insurance payment from the at-fault driver, I had my front yard re-landscaped. Before that happened, I salvaged as many plants as I could from the front yard (knowing that it would be completely re-done).

I planted the salvaged plants in a side area, which had been completely overgrown with ivy. I cleared the ivy, planted the salvaged plants, and the resulting side garden is now starting to come into its own! The area contains tulips, many peony plants, plus coneflowers, Columbine, Balloon flowers, etc., and looks pretty nice. I think a layer of mulch would be the next step, but I'm satisfied with a 'salvaged plants' garden!
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Couch surfer #3 stayed with me again last night. Fun guy, dinner, wine, talking. Tired now and early bed!

Now that I deleted that Facebook account, I have lots more time to do things, like READ!

Bone. Bombs and tantrums, when the world grew bitter because the world fell somehow short of half-remembered Eden.

Pretty depressing book! Slow moving, but good book. And I enjoy puzzling out the church Latin -- Fiat Homo. Fiat Lux. Fiat Vountas Tua. Funny how I could still understand some of the Latin -- even after all these years!

Lots of (church) Latin in the book because the story line is a monastery in the southwest US, which is preserving artifacts during the Dark Ages that occurred after the 'Deluge of Fire'.

Depressing because the basic point of the book is that mankind will destroy itself over and over again, whenever it has the technology to do it. Basically, whenever man has nuclear weapons, it will use them to end the world ("Sic Transit Mundus" -- Thus the world passes.)
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Title is from a sign at the March for Science in DC today. Rainy and cool = kinda miserable...so after making an appropriately long appearance, the friend I was with texted other friends for brunch :)

Science March DC



Washington Monument


Apr. 19th, 2017 09:54 pm
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So tiring!

Dinner with my Portuguese speaking friends tonight. I have not been practicing, so my Portuguese SUCKED!

And towards the end, he pulled up a Youtube of a Brazilian singer, and had me listen and repeat what I could understand...so exhausting! And good for me. And nice that he's teaching. But so exhausting!

I gave explanations to him also though. Like the meaning of 'to curse' -- from a song he wants to sing at church, and 'bottom' -- I included the meaning of 'butt', lol! And 'to realize' -- both to accomplish, and also to suddenly be conscious of something.
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Back to the park tonight with a different lens...

Evening at the park

Evening at the park

Reflections at the Park

But I didn't quite get what I wanted. First, bats just seem hard to capture. Second, omg, bugs flying all over me. Not mosquitoes. I had on bug spray. Didn't seem to matter! This photo is pretty heavily processed.
Bats at the park

I wonder what I can do differently. I could bring along an extender for this lens...

And here are those fricken bugs that were ALL OVER ME -- even though I had spritzed bug spray! They were very small, flying, appeared to have 6 legs, a waist and a hard shell.



Apr. 12th, 2017 07:44 am
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Had a hard day yesterday, but I needed to get some exercise, so I walked to the park.
At the park tonight

At dusk, I did notice that there were bats over the pond there. I was not able to get good photos...but I'm thinking of heading back over with a longer zoom lens -AND- some bug spray. The mosquitos were surprisingly thick (and the reason for the appearance of the bats)!


Apr. 10th, 2017 07:18 pm
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But the third rope was still moving: the child too light was still breathing...
"For God's sake, where is God?"
And from within me, I heard a voice answer.
Where He is? This is where -- hanging here from this gallows..."
That night, the soup tasted of corpses.

I just read a book written by a child who spent time with his father in Birkenau and Auschwith concentration camps.

His descriptions are pretty shocking in places. The author, Elie Wiesel, died last year.

It's hard for me to believe that there are Holocaust deniers -- most of whose "talking points" seem to quibble with the number of people killed -- by the way, the "6 million" was a number that came from a member of the German SS.

Documentation exists for 3 - 4 million people killed, and when you read eye witness accounts like this book, listen to videos of eye witnesses, read excerpts from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goebbels_Diaries>Joseph Goebbel's diaries, it becomes patently obvious that a rounding up of people for forced labor, and then death by starvation, illness, shooting, hanging and gas chambers occurred. http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/how-to-refute-holocaust-denial

Eisenhower ordered documentation to be created -- https://www.awesomestories.com/asset/view/General-Eisenhower-Holocaust-Verification

Video of French survivor:

There are very few survivors anymore, which is why Ellie Wiesel's book and other sources are so important.

Will this sort of thing happen again? Almost surely. Hell, purposeful attempts at genocide have happened repeatedly already during wars.

Why do Holocaust deniers exist? Certainly, anti-Jewish bias is a cause. But there's more to it than that. I haven't been able to completely put my finger on it...but if the deniers admitted the Holocaust, they would have to change their opinion of 'the other' -- meaning the deniers would have to change their belief system and recognize other people and other cultures as valuable. It's almost as if the deniers are resentful of the attention that Jews got because of the Holocaust.

I didn't time this post to happen during Passover -- it's just the timing of finishing a book. But it is probably an appropriate post.