1 Dec 2018

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Some friends helped me get my Christmas tree today. It was wrapped up when I bought it -- so it's a guessing game as to how the tree will look once the limbs have relaxed.

The car was COATED in needles!

The previous week has been prep work week, and that will continue this week as well. If you grew up in the South of the US, sweet potato pie is a standard holiday dessert. Sweet, sweet, sweet! And a bit fibrous because, well, sweet potatoes. I made and froze these this past week --

I boil my potatoes -- some folks bake them. You have to cook the potatoes before you can mix them with sugar, butter, evaporated milk and spices for the pie --

Pimento cheese , also now in the freezer -- fresh is better than frozen, but this dish takes to much time to make at the last time. And frozen is not bad --

Yum - fresh tarragon - an ingredient in the pimento cheese!

The 2 weeks before Tree Trimming is actually a bit lonely for me. Because I have so much to do, I turn down most social invitations during this 2 week period. But I do try to plan a few here and there (for example -- last night, wine with friend, tomorrow dinner with another friend...having friends help with the tree...etc) ...

But overall, I feel cooped up in the house cleaning and preparing for the 2 weeks! When the event finally happens, I am totally relieved!


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