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Couch surfer #3 stayed with me again last night. Fun guy, dinner, wine, talking. Tired now and early bed!

Now that I deleted that Facebook account, I have lots more time to do things, like READ!

Bone. Bombs and tantrums, when the world grew bitter because the world fell somehow short of half-remembered Eden.

Pretty depressing book! Slow moving, but good book. And I enjoy puzzling out the church Latin -- Fiat Homo. Fiat Lux. Fiat Vountas Tua. Funny how I could still understand some of the Latin -- even after all these years!

Lots of (church) Latin in the book because the story line is a monastery in the southwest US, which is preserving artifacts during the Dark Ages that occurred after the 'Deluge of Fire'.

Depressing because the basic point of the book is that mankind will destroy itself over and over again, whenever it has the technology to do it. Basically, whenever man has nuclear weapons, it will use them to end the world ("Sic Transit Mundus" -- Thus the world passes.)


Apr. 19th, 2017 09:54 pm
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So tiring!

Dinner with my Portuguese speaking friends tonight. I have not been practicing, so my Portuguese SUCKED!

And towards the end, he pulled up a Youtube of a Brazilian singer, and had me listen and repeat what I could understand...so exhausting! And good for me. And nice that he's teaching. But so exhausting!

I gave explanations to him also though. Like the meaning of 'to curse' -- from a song he wants to sing at church, and 'bottom' -- I included the meaning of 'butt', lol! And 'to realize' -- both to accomplish, and also to suddenly be conscious of something.
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I did a good job tonight explaining a pesky English phrase to my Portuguese speaking friend. I did this with the help of another friend here having wine with me tonight.

I received a message from my Portuguese speaking friend asking me to help him understand the phrase 'even though'. The request gave me pause as I tried to think of how to explain it.

With the help of wine, my other friend and I were discussing and searching Google, and the friend realized that 'even though' is an unexpected RESPONSE to a situation. The situation itself is not necessarily unexpected, but the RESPONSE is unexpected.

So, one of the examples I gave in this audio is "I bought a new car, even though I am quitting my job next week" -- buying a new car is an unexpected thing to do when you are planning to quit a job.


We native speakers "know" what phrases mean, even though it can be hard to explain them. (Do you see what I did there?)

And the Portuguese friend seemed to understand perfectly! I mispronounced 'resposta' in my recording, lol...

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I went out with the friend who helps me with my Portuguese tonight.

He does not drink alcohol, but he wanted to hang out with me. So we went to the Pig and the Pearl and sat at the bar. I drank Rye whiskey (uísque)...and he had orange juice!

I had fun! He had a cold coming on, so I hope I don't get it! I'm not ready for more of that..

We spoke mostly English tonight, so he told me the next time has to be mostly in Portuguese. That means I need to buckle down with some lessons. My ear is 'out of tune' so to speak.

I did learn to say 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th.....all the way to 10th tonight! (wow...sétimo, oítavo...really?)
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I got a message from my Brazilian friend that he had a bad night tonight. He said that sometimes he speaks English very well, and sometimes the words don't come to his mind.

I told him I had the same problem, and that it meant that we were both humans! And I told him it made me feel good that he had bad days because his English is SO MUCH better than my Portuguese that it made me feel better, lol!

I need to find a model that will tolerate me taking lots of pictures, lol! Right now, my model is me!

There's a guy who was in my ESL class, and I mentioned to him that I'd like to take some headshots of him if he wants to....He didn't say one way or the other, but I really like his sharp facial lines!
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I get so much vocabulary from his songs!

"Give me this night to say goodbye." -->
"Give me this night to dismiss myself."

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Me deixa água na boca

I like to learn a new Portuguese phrase at least every few days. This line from a song -- Me deixa água na boca -- means "It makes my mouth water" ("It leaves me with water in the mouth")

The biggest problem is that many times, the phrase doesn't stick with me.  It takes a few repetitions over a length of time (the "Pimsleur method") for it to really stick.

Não recomendado a sociedade

This is another phrase that came up this week.  It means "Not recommended for Society".  It is used for movies and novels, and means no one under 18.  So it more or less means our NC-17 (no children under 17). The song below is describing that he has a tag on his head/body 'Not Recommended for Society' --


Feb. 26th, 2017 08:37 pm
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So...I watched this movie tonight because it was about gay people, had a happy ending, and had a Portuguese angle...it switched back and forth between Spanish and Portuguese.

The only problem is that the Portuguese was limited to the conflicted guy's interaction with his wife (girlfriend?)...the boys (as children) and men (as adults) spoke Spanish...and the wife and he spoke Spanish in public settings because this was set in Argentina. So I heard some Portuguese, but mostly it was Spanish.

Nothing earth-shattering here, but happy ending -- boy falls in love with boy as child...they find each other again as adults. I liked how the movie went back and forth between adults and children, sometimes repeating the very same scene as the adults find their way back to each other.

The title is 'Tidelands' -- which in Virginia we would call 'Tidewater' -- meaning the estuaries where the boys grew up.

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Brazilian friends had me over for dinner tonight. Whew...I maybe got 10% of the Portuguese when they were in full speed!

They were very nice, and would include me now and again (and slow way down)...but wow!

Fun though, and I need to practice! I feel like I'm closing in on another level.

*One of them asked what I thought about Trump. I don't have the words in Portuguese to express my disgust for Jabba. All I knew to say was that I don't like him.*

I consider it a mark of honor to have someone from another country, who doesn't speak my language almost at all, to say that "He is very good people". -- "He's a very good person". This is a message that my friend sent me after I left about a comment that one of his friends made about me.
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The seeds I planted a week or so have started to sprout! I think these are the tomato seeds I saved from last year!

Middle of the night last night, groggy, mouth guard in place, I decided I had not slept well. So I asked Siri to set the alarm (for a different time). She didn't understand me, womp, womp.

Here she answers me by saying: "Did I say someting wrong? If you want me to leave, you could at least say Tchau (Tchau is a way to say goodbye -- a lot of Italians settled in Brazil, so Ciao became Tchau.)

It was a nice weekend of bike riding, yard work, wine with friends, and photography.  Sadly, tomorrow I go back to work!


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