Apr. 12th, 2017 07:44 am
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Had a hard day yesterday, but I needed to get some exercise, so I walked to the park.
At the park tonight

At dusk, I did notice that there were bats over the pond there. I was not able to get good photos...but I'm thinking of heading back over with a longer zoom lens -AND- some bug spray. The mosquitos were surprisingly thick (and the reason for the appearance of the bats)!
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I always enjoy the fire spinners when they perform at Gallery 5...dinner and time with a friend tonight was nice!

Fire Spinners at Gallery 5

Fire Spinners at Gallery 5

Fire Spinners at Gallery 5

The Age of Recording


Fire Spinners at Gallery5
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It was a good weekend! Although no biking, I got some yard work done, got my Grandmother's lemon tree outside, had wine with 1 friend, dinner with another friend, and brunch with a third friend.

Not much on the camera side, except in the yard. I was pretty pleased with how this iPhone photo turned out -- just using the phone, and the built-in editing ---
Nature's Curves

Twice each year I move the lemon tree (in for Winter, out for Spring). And every year, it gets harder. One friend told me the tree must be growing, which was a much preferable answer than the sister who said I was getting older! The sister is, of course, correct, but I much preferred the other answer!

But it's outside once more!

I used the Canon with a macro lens to get a photo of a dandelion in the yard...then I ran it through Prisma for this effect --
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I got a message from my Brazilian friend that he had a bad night tonight. He said that sometimes he speaks English very well, and sometimes the words don't come to his mind.

I told him I had the same problem, and that it meant that we were both humans! And I told him it made me feel good that he had bad days because his English is SO MUCH better than my Portuguese that it made me feel better, lol!

I need to find a model that will tolerate me taking lots of pictures, lol! Right now, my model is me!

There's a guy who was in my ESL class, and I mentioned to him that I'd like to take some headshots of him if he wants to....He didn't say one way or the other, but I really like his sharp facial lines!
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I know that all photographers search for 'the one' -- and by 'the one', I'm talking about a backpack that serves the photog's needs!

Is it too much to ask for these?
  • Holds my 7D Mark II with a battery grip.
  • Holds a couple of other lenses.
  • WATER BOTTLE HOLDER, omg...why is this so hard to add to a bag? Seriously?
  • Holds my small Macbook Air.
  • Has space for underwear, socks, toothbrush, medicine -- all the stuff you take 'on the plane'
  • Has a place to put a tripod on the outside of the bag.
  • Holds all the extra stuff -- memory cards, lens wipes, extra batteries, etc.
  • Has a waist strap (a sternum strap might suffice).
  • Space for a sandwich and at least a couple liters of water.
  • Space to roll up my fleece jacket (or at least a rain jacket).
  • Is as light as possible.

Maybe I'm asking too much. I have typically taken my old 'bookbag' -- because I can put hand towels in it to cushion the camera and lenses, while also having space for everything else, including a small laptop. I just kinda wish it had a specially made space made for the camera and lenses.

That 1 bookbag has been around the world with me! Thailand, Europe, Brazil, the US, lots of places! And it is showing its age now.


Mar. 21st, 2017 08:13 pm
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I'm feeling better tonight than in a couple weeks! Damned flu seems to finally be lifting! I planted some stuff outside...and drank some wine...and took some selfies, lol!

This photo reminded me of words from that recent video -- 'your eyes drown me' -- so I labeled it so on Flickr (Seus olhos me afogam).
Seus olhos me afogam

Evening sunlight throught window blinds


Mar. 18th, 2017 05:46 pm
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The local photo meetup group had an outing inside the Byrd Park Pumphouse today. It's not normally open, so I took advantage of the event.

In some places, it was as wet and dank as you might expect --
Wet, dank

The trusses made for some nice geometry --


The ballroom upstairs had these almost life-sized, standing cutouts. Not sure the purpose --
She looks sad!


It was a good outing, and I'm glad I went. It's also an indication that this illness is almost gone! Although I have to say, I came home and took a nap after the outing -- this on top of 8 hours of sleep last night. So I'm still recovering!
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I ran myself ragged getting some shots! Up and down the stairs. Up and down the stairs! 10 second delay. The multi-exposure photos didn't really pan out, so this is a single.

Sparkling Wine --


Feb. 15th, 2017 07:45 pm
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Like a Tarot card - the "King of Chain Links" ;)

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Where are the werewolves?

And...signs of spring!

Portuguese learning video today. I think from the 1970s...
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Partial eclipse, comet, full moon all in 1 night. So I kept an eye on the skies -- clouds.

And then I look out and the moon is BEAUTIFUL behind tree branches and surrounded, but not covered by, clouds! I rush to get the tripod, camera, out the back door.

And clouds. Only clouds, lol! So I ended up taking selfies. I should find a model to take face shots of -- but they would have to not mind looking old and greenish-sickly after I edit the photos (not sure why I like these kinds of photos...)

I look INSANE in this photo! And my glasses need cleaning. I also probably should have groomed my facial hair before these -- I tossed a few of the shots because I just too werewolf-like in them!


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