Apr. 1st, 2017

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After Republicans in House and Senate voted to allow ISPs to sell your personal browsing history (and I imagine that Jabba will sign the bill), I began to look at how I could surf using a VPN -- to protect my browsing history.

I have no desire to share browsing history with advertisers -- do they really need to know about that personal 'thing' I might have had, lol? And how exactly would advertisers make use of my interest in Old French to sell me something?

It already annoys me when I look at, say, underwear online, only to see that same underwear offered as an ad in a website. Not only is it intrusive, it's the VERY SAME FRICKEN UNDERWEAR that I just looked at! I didn't buy it the first time -- why would I want to see it again???

As I get older, I have less need to buy shit. (I also am cursing more.) And I have no need for advertisers to come find me -- i'll find them when I need something!

Anyways...I digress...

Opera comes with a free built in VPN. I figure 'free' means maybe not as robust as it could be. But free is always good, and it probably serves my purpose. So, I have switched to Opera!

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The Virginia Bluebells came up and bloomed nicely this year. I planted them a couple years ago, and although I tried to plant them in a 'natural-looking' way, I think they are too spread apart. But they should naturalize and fill in though.

In my continuing effort to plant something to the right side of front yard, I added some creeping phlox this year -- they bloom at the same time, and they are basically the same color as the bluebells.

I put some beans in the ground for the 1st time this year. I really don't have a lot of space, so finding places for veggies is hard.

The hay bales are almost too soft now! I pushed a finger in, and it was like butter! So, I think it's time to transplant the tomatoes and bell peppers, and I think the seedlings are big enough -- I transferred them outside this morning to give them a little while to acclimate.


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