Sep. 9th, 2017


Sep. 9th, 2017 01:53 pm
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I haven't posted much because I have been busy!

Very nice dinner 2 nights ago with friends, fun birthday dinner with friends last night, dinner tonight with friends from undergraduate...a cupcake birthday party for my Brazilian friends' 1 year old tomorrow...

Discussing Lycanthropy with the 21 year old....doing some gardening....all in all a pretty nice time, but busy.

One of the previous couch surfers is supposed to stay here in a week, so that gives me an excuse to have to clean the house!
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A couple weeks ago, my grandmother's lemon tree turned over in a strong gust of wind. The pot broke, and I noticed how root bound it had become! I believe it has been in this same clay pot since the year 2003, when a hurricane knocked it over and broke the clay pot it was in then.

I had trouble handling the tree because it is so big! I had to break the rest of the pot to get it out.

And I needed to cut the root bound roots to make them grow outwards, but I was afraid the whole rootball would break down, so I put it in the new pot before I cut the roots -- but I couldn't do as good a job of breaking up the root bound roots as I would like to have because I could not get my hand and exacto knife down into the crack.

I bought a new bigger plastic pot, which unfortunately has made the tree pretty hard to handle! I think this is the last pot she will be in -- I have rooted several new plants, and will continue to root.

And by the way, I think that it's pretty cool to have a lemon tree that my grandmother grew from a seed, and here it is 18 years after she died, and I still have her tree and I'm rooting new plants!

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When I took pics before of a Hummingbird Moth before, it was a Hemaris diffinis. Diffinis is smaller and looks like a bumblebee. So unless you are watching how it flies around the flowers, you might never notice that it is not a bumblebee.

Today I saw one that was bigger and green... I submitted the picture to the online database, and it was identified as what I thought it was -- a Hemaris thysbe.

I really am fascinated by these moths that come out during the day, and which hover and suck nectar like hummingbirds...but have the proboscis of a butterfly!

Hemaris thysbe

Hemaris thysbe


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