Sep. 22nd, 2017

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I will miss warm weather! I did get a lot done this Summer, but I also feel like I have't been to the river as much as I normally would..and I never biked again after my Bisti trip!

I also realized it's September, so I need to get down to the river and look for some Pawpaws! UPDATE: I went to the river today -- sadly the Pawpaw season is past! I usually get down mid August....and nearly October is too late. No more pawpaws :(

Had ice cream and walked around with Nh tonight -- I have decided to stop calling him the '21 year old' because 1) he will get older and 2) It's not important. I enjoy our conversations (both in person and via text), and I enjoyed hanging out with him tonight :)

A former couch surfer had another stay here with me this past week. I enjoyed hosting him. One thing I realized - I like living alone, and I'm used to it. But I also like having someone to talk to, so after the guest left, I realized the house was empty again.

My car has been in the shop for 2 weeks getting body work done, after the I hit that fence post...the rental was getting expensive, so I'm glad they finished it! And it's nice to have my own car back!

Not much photography in the last few days -- I did post a pic of Deege at the wine festival last weekend. Actually, it's a picture of a humongous pile of freshly fried chips that we shared, with him in the background!
Pile of chips with a friend


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