28 May 2018

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The long holiday weekend has been a bit lonely for me. Friends were out of town. And while I had originally planned some out of town activities, they would not have been very enjoyable with a lot of rain. So I didn't get past the planning stage -- although it turns out the weekend was not very rainy at all -- some rain, but mostly just clouds, so I probably could have done some of what I planned!

In any event, it's been a restful weekend. Got a bike ride in -- first time this year! Sad that this first ride is so late in the year, but it felt good to be on the bike!

I did get some camera time -- I'm the weird neighbor hanging out in the front yard with a camera, lol! Here's a macro of a bumblebee on a wax leaf privet hedge bloom.
It's a messy job, but somebody has to do it!

And for some exercise yesterday, I walked around Hollywood Cemetery. This angel is so seductive, lol! I like her a lot!
What a seductive angel!


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"O seguro morreu de velho, mas o desconfiado ainda está vivo." -- "The safe one died of old age, but the suspicious one is still living."