21 Mar 2019

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I like remembering my dreams.

The other night, I had a dream where I was sitting on a couch, watching TV at a gay bar. Mind you, there was no roof -- this was a sectional sofa with a large screen TV outside in the open.

I was sitting between 2 guys. The guy on the right was, appropriately, "Mr. Right". The guy on the left was "Mr. Right Now"...

Mr. Right was sandy blond, average to muscular build, quiet and rugged. Mr. Right Now was glassy eyed and dark haired and very demanding of my attention. As a matter of fact, Mr. Right Now wouldn't leave me alone until he got my contact information, and I remember thinking that I was wasting time talking to him when I really wanted to be talking to the guy on my right.

Mr. Right Now also had a kiss that was WAY TOO WET...In the end, I did get to talk to Mr. Right (on my right)...I remember that he made me feel emotionally safe. An interesting detail.

I don't remember anything else...it was a pretty vivid dream as they go.


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"O seguro morreu de velho, mas o desconfiado ainda está vivo." -- "The safe one died of old age, but the suspicious one is still living."