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A couple weeks ago, my grandmother's lemon tree turned over in a strong gust of wind. The pot broke, and I noticed how root bound it had become! I believe it has been in this same clay pot since the year 2003, when a hurricane knocked it over and broke the clay pot it was in then.

I had trouble handling the tree because it is so big! I had to break the rest of the pot to get it out.

And I needed to cut the root bound roots to make them grow outwards, but I was afraid the whole rootball would break down, so I put it in the new pot before I cut the roots -- but I couldn't do as good a job of breaking up the root bound roots as I would like to have because I could not get my hand and exacto knife down into the crack.

I bought a new bigger plastic pot, which unfortunately has made the tree pretty hard to handle! I think this is the last pot she will be in -- I have rooted several new plants, and will continue to root.

And by the way, I think that it's pretty cool to have a lemon tree that my grandmother grew from a seed, and here it is 18 years after she died, and I still have her tree and I'm rooting new plants!


Jul. 30th, 2017 09:07 pm
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It was a really nice dinner with friends the other night this past week...the restaurant had a great vegetarian option -- that's unusual for burger place -- and just really nice conversation.


Wine with a friend tonight, who has bought a full frame sensor camera -- and wow, it worked really nicely with my fisheye lens! It really is tempting me to trade up from my crop sensor to a full frame!


I met a guy for coffee today...I knew he was young...but OMG -- so young, lol! I immediately went into 'uncle mode' because he is so young -- he's 21...There's more difference in our ages than he is old! I can totally hang out with him -- and give him some support as he 'grows up' as a gay man. He was pretty painfully shy -- which brought out my Uncle mode even more!


I was taking pictures of a Goldfinch munching on my Coneflowers today...I never realized that birds would 'squat' before they took a dump, lol! But this finch totally did a wing and leg thing and took 2 dumps -- I didn't catch the actual dumping in my photo, but you can see the pose he took, lol!
Goldfinch, ahem, having a private moment after a large breakfast


Speaking of Uncle mode...one of my great nephews sent me a text today...he's 8. So I texted a few things...and sent him some pictures. He seemed to like the picture of Milkweed Bugs on my Swamp Milkweed plant --
Milkweed Bugs (Oncopeltus fasciatus)
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I noticed my photos have taken on a blurry, dark note lately!

Rainy Night

Playing around with the camera tonight!

Rainy Night

But notes of hope as well! I like finding 'urban wildflowers' -- flowers growing in harsh conditions.
City Flowers / Flores da Cidade

City Flowers / Flores da Cidade

And rain --

And not blurred, but focused --
Playing around with the camera tonight!


May. 6th, 2017 10:45 pm
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Rosa 'Tahitian Sunset'
Rosa "Tahitian Sunset"

An edit of a photo from 2008 --
"Postcard" from the Golden Gate in 2008

Rosa 'Zephrine Drouhin' which I planted years ago between my neighbor and me --
Rosa 'Zerphrine Drouhin'

Pôr do Sol

Apr. 4th, 2017 08:40 pm
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Sunset on Belle Isle tonight. Felt good to be outside, at the river, walking around!

And I found some of the Pawpaws are blooming. The blooms are small -- I'll probably head back down this weekend to see them blooming some more.
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The Virginia Bluebells came up and bloomed nicely this year. I planted them a couple years ago, and although I tried to plant them in a 'natural-looking' way, I think they are too spread apart. But they should naturalize and fill in though.

In my continuing effort to plant something to the right side of front yard, I added some creeping phlox this year -- they bloom at the same time, and they are basically the same color as the bluebells.

I put some beans in the ground for the 1st time this year. I really don't have a lot of space, so finding places for veggies is hard.

The hay bales are almost too soft now! I pushed a finger in, and it was like butter! So, I think it's time to transplant the tomatoes and bell peppers, and I think the seedlings are big enough -- I transferred them outside this morning to give them a little while to acclimate.


Mar. 27th, 2017 06:26 pm
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Good weekend...hanging out with a friend for dinner...then w(h)ine with another friend the next night...then lunch for my mom's birthday on Sunday.

Today...pretty darned productive at work. Tonight tulips.


All in all not a bad few days!
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I enjoyed a birthday dinner for a friend last night! Nice to get out again, and to chat with friends!

I slept in late this morning - like very late! Here's brunch -- eggs and mushrooms. I have been craving eggs (and almonds and orange juice) a lot lately!

The tomato seeds I planted are doing nicely. I've been thinning them out, but it appears I have to still thin some more!

The only thing on the agenda today is to start prepping the hale bales. I've mentioned before that I use them as planters, and there is a specific 2 week process to go through to get them to start composting, so that they become useful for planting.
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Spring has arrived! I always look forward to the plum trees in the neighborhood blooming --
Neighborhood Plums

Spring Jonquils --
Spring Jonquils

And such warm temperatures in February mean storms...yesterday, we got a pretty bad hailstorm!

Today, I bought the hay bales that I use for planters. I tried this technique for the first time last year.

As it turns out I found out that I used straw bales last year, even though I wanted hay. I know this because when I asked about hay bales at the nursery, they said they only have straw...meaning last year I used straw. Anyways, I went to a local farm that sells hay bales as feed and bought them there.

The only reason I wanted hay is because that was what the instructions I used said...very specifically to use hay instead of straw. Hay is harvested as live plants before it is baled -- it's used as feed. Straw is harvested after the fact, from the dead plants parts left after harvest. It is used more for keeping animals warm. I think the hay will compost faster and be more nutritious -- meaning, it will be a better 'planting medium'.

In any event, hay is not as 'good' as soil, and has to be fertilized more. But last year, I found that the rabbits didn't eat what I planted -- maybe because it is higher than they are, and they don't realize it's there??? It was nice to have some tomatoes!


Feb. 21st, 2017 06:21 pm
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As you can tell, I'm still searching for a theme that I like. Most of the themes are too, too much...

Spring seems to have really arrived. I'm sure we could get more cold, but between the Flowering Quince (shown below), and the ornamental plum trees blooming in the neighborhood, Spring is pretty definite!

Spring!  Flowering Quince flowers.
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The seeds I planted a week or so have started to sprout! I think these are the tomato seeds I saved from last year!

Middle of the night last night, groggy, mouth guard in place, I decided I had not slept well. So I asked Siri to set the alarm (for a different time). She didn't understand me, womp, womp.

Here she answers me by saying: "Did I say someting wrong? If you want me to leave, you could at least say Tchau (Tchau is a way to say goodbye -- a lot of Italians settled in Brazil, so Ciao became Tchau.)

It was a nice weekend of bike riding, yard work, wine with friends, and photography.  Sadly, tomorrow I go back to work!

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Where are the werewolves?

And...signs of spring!

Portuguese learning video today. I think from the 1970s...


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