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There's a fair amount of truth in this tweet --

It seems that the more online 'connections' we make, the less time we spend in person with each other. And the more lonely we get!

I think that as primates, we really do NEED face-to-face social interaction, as well as physical touch -- I think we should go back the lower primate behavior of 'grooming' each other -- picking stuff out of each other's hair, etc. lol!

A sort of seque to another topic...I hosted the book club this past week, where the book for the month was Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. One of the comments I remembered someone making was how much the characters in the book TALKED to each other....always talking and talking.

Someone else mentioned that's what you do when you don't have TV, etc. But ... but ... don't we as human primates NEED that social time? I think a huge part of depression for modern humans is a lack of social connection. That is one of the many reasons I deleted my Facebook account and generally limit my interactions on other social media.


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"O seguro morreu de velho, mas o desconfiado ainda está vivo." -- "The safe one died of old age, but the suspicious one is still living."