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We don't have them often here, but the area experienced multiple tornadoes yesterday. There are pictures on Twitter of many funnels around town, and the tornadoes touched down and caused damage in at least 2 places.

At work, we were in the stairwell for 20 minutes or so, after which I just came home. Tornadoes are not unheard of here -- but it has been a while!

It made for a tense evening, so I self-medicated with white wine and "chill" music, lol.

On a different note, I am becoming a gentlemen d'une certaine âge, and I now have more than 1 doctor.

For example, today I had an appointment with a urologist, an appointment I made at the request of my primary care physician. A couple years ago, I previously saw a urologist (and even had a prostate biopsy to make sure there was no cancer!), but I didn't particularly see a reason to continue going.

Today's appointment was at the local medical school, and the young resident doctor had the job of giving me the standard digital rectal exam....let's say he was, um, just a bit more thorough than some.

Some DREs are very quick, to the point that you barely realize it happened. This one? No so quick! He felt up one side of the prostate, and down around the other side. I may be a gay man, but having your pants and underwear down around your ankles with you bent over face down into a chair at a doctor's office is NOT sexy, lol! But also, as a gay man, I probably have less problem with the exam than some hetero guys.

Luckily, no cause found for concern, and no appointment needed for another year...
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When I had a week off a few weeks ago, I visited Poplar Forest, the second home of Thomas Jefferson. During that visit, I got bitten by a tick. I was driving out of the parking lot, felt something on my leg, pulled at it instinctively. When I held my hand up and realized it was a tick, I was like 'Ewww' and threw it out of the window!

Fast forward a few weeks...and the tick bite was not healing properly. And then one weekend, it turned into a blood blister...and I knew something was wrong.

Then, I started feeling 'bad'...nothing particularly specific...no fever that I knew of, no rash, just weird aches in odd places and a feeling of lethargy and feeling 'bad', and wanting to sleep a lot. I thought it could have been a sinus infection, but because of the tick bite's weird behavior, I went in to the urgent care facility and wanted a Lyme Disease test.

They did the Lyme Disease test, but also a test for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. And indeed, the second one came back positive!

I've been on antibiotics now a couple of days, and I feel SO MUCH BETTER! I don't think I realized how bad I really had been feeling because I now feel pretty great! I will be on Doxycycline for another 12 days of so. I'm very glad I went in for a test!
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It's been cold lately....which makes me hibernate! I've still been keeping myself occupied inside.


I have 3 Amaryllis bulbs inside in pots. I posted the time lapse of the white one blooming here. And the pink one has bloomed now --
Amaryllis 'Sweet Star'

The red one is in progress of blooming. It's nice to have growing things inside when it is so cold outside!

Frozen Bubbles

Speaking of cold...it has been so fricken' cold here! I'm not used to -3F (-19C)! While it was cold, I attempted some frozen bubble pics ---
Frozen Bubbles

Frozen Bubbles

Low Carb Diet

To get rid of some unwanted pounds from the holidays, I have been on a low(er) carb diet, which is the first time I have ever done this. It's been interesting! The diets tend to call for 25-50g of carbs a day, which was a non-starter for me. I love my oatmeal in the morning too much! I settled on 50 - 55 or maybe sometimes 60.

Here are my experiences so far --
  1. My jawline is sharpening, so I’m already losing weight. Probably water since you lose water on low carb.
  2. I have had some of the ‘keto flu’ or ‘low carb flu’ — feeling low energy even when I’m eating plenty of calories! Pecans help that a little. It reminds me of when I fasted for 3 days once — by day 3 I had no hunger at all, but day 2 was a drag. The lethargy went away today (Day 4).
  3. The top blood pressure number seems to be better today, although the stubborn bottom one is not improved. But if it helps the blood pressure, that will be great!
  4. My wine taste has shifted a bit, away from red to bubbly white or rosé. Not sure why, but sparkling Prosecco tastes better now.
  5. At first, I was very, very thirsty — constantly drinking water, and then constantly peeing it out! That passed after a couple of days.
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Haven't had the time to take the camera out much lately, but here are a couple ornament pics --

Tree Ornaments (Explored)

Tree Ornaments

Mostly cleaned up from the Tree Trimming last weekend!

Dealing with a cold, and a new occurrence of the knee ACL issue.

Doing winter domestic stuff like bleeding the air out of the radiators, wrapping Christmas presents, etc.
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Wow -- I had some sort of allergic reaction last night! Around midnight, I woke up with a stiff thumb, and noticed it was swollen, so I took an Advil and dunked the thumb in ice water for a little while and went back to bed.

As I'm lying in bed, I notice my cheek feels stiff. So I get up and look in the mirror.

OMG! What is going on??! I took Benadryl, and the swelling (both thumb and face) is better this morning!

Last evening, I was staking up tomato, hibiscus and phlox plants. That is the only thing that was outside of my normal routine. The plants brushed my face while I was staking them. My suspicion is the tomato plant -- they sometimes cause rashes in some people.
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I posted about being sick and how I was feeling better...well, that was premature! It was a 1 - 2 punch...first punch: fever and diarrhea. Get a little better, then 2nd punch: chest and head cold.

I have been sick or teleworking for 4 fricken days! I finally went back to the office today.


Everyone at work commented on how deep my voice is, lol! I actually miss the full range of my gay voice, lol ;)
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I've been sicker yesterday and today than I have been in a long time! I guess some sort of virus -- woke up middle of the night Friday morning with fever and diarrhea.

I actually got a friend to take me to a clinic Friday to get tested for the flu - thankfully negative for both types. But the fever, soreness, general feeling bad, diarrhea -- all felt like flu! And a woman at work's child recently had both types of flu in just a few weeks. If it had been this, I wanted to get Tamiflu as quickly as possible.

Today, I'm better though. Still sore all over, but my appetite has returned. Slept over 12 hours last night, and then lay around all day today...so not feeling sleepy yet tonight (also a good sign that I am recovering).

So..nothing much going on in the Dragonfly household this weekend except lying around!


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