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For the first time, I think my iPhone rivals my Canon! I mean, phones take great pics now, but previously I could ALWAYS get a better picture by taking RAW images on my 'big camera', as I call it.

And that hasn't exactly changed...but for the very first time I am comfortable having 'just' the iPhone XS. They say the best camera is the one you have with you, but I always wanted to have the Canon with me. And I still do. But seriously, I was impressed with the XS photos!

Still if I need a long zoom...certainly I would use the Canon. Or if I were going to print an image at a larger size -- definitely would need the image taken from the Canon. Or if I wanted to use my wide angle lens, again Canon. But I really was impressed by the shots I got with the iPhone XS, and I think it would suffice for a lot of situations!

Here's a pic with the iPhone on the left and Canon on the right. I'm pretty satisfied with either! (Don't judge them by the warmth or lack thereof of the colors -- they were both edited - one on the phone, and the other in Lightroom. I wasn't intending to keep them the same. This just an example of the detail of the iPhone XS on the left and the Canon on the right.)
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Every 2 years, I give myself a little treat and buy a new phone....I'm pretty well pleased with the iPhone Xs! The OLED screen is nice, the new gestures, the larger screen, faster application launches, etc. etc...

I remember when I first went from a flip phone to an iPhone (it was a 3GS), how amazing it was compared to a flip phone! Then over the years, the incremental changes meant that the phones were faster, but not very memorable. This one though -- the new gestures, FaceID to replace TouchID, the larger screen in almost the same sized phone (I got the smallest of the 3 models) -- all of that has been a pleasure to use!

And I LOVED the setup! I just had to place the old iPhone next to the new one, and it transferred nearly all my settings! So much nicer than before! Here it is just after setup --

I thought I would miss TouchID, but FaceID is nice! It just have to look at the phone, and it unlocks. Here's the setup for that -- where I had to rotate my face to 'fill in the circle' a few times...

The new phone's chip is designed to allow some 'Augmented Reality', so I've been playing with an app that lets me examine artwork in my own home, lol! Here I am on my porch turning and zooming in on a piece of artwork from South America!


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