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I like remembering my dreams.

The other night, I had a dream where I was sitting on a couch, watching TV at a gay bar. Mind you, there was no roof -- this was a sectional sofa with a large screen TV outside in the open.

I was sitting between 2 guys. The guy on the right was, appropriately, "Mr. Right". The guy on the left was "Mr. Right Now"...

Mr. Right was sandy blond, average to muscular build, quiet and rugged. Mr. Right Now was glassy eyed and dark haired and very demanding of my attention. As a matter of fact, Mr. Right Now wouldn't leave me alone until he got my contact information, and I remember thinking that I was wasting time talking to him when I really wanted to be talking to the guy on my right.

Mr. Right Now also had a kiss that was WAY TOO WET...In the end, I did get to talk to Mr. Right (on my right)...I remember that he made me feel emotionally safe. An interesting detail.

I don't remember anything else...it was a pretty vivid dream as they go.
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Ever had a situation where a previous fling still makes contact now and then? And maybe you think that's not such a bad thing? And you think 'what if'? The former fling messaged tonight and mentioned how hot it all was (we know what 'it' is)....and well, there's nothing wrong with that!

Thinking about stuff...Mood...

Lunch with a friend today...birthday lunch last weekend with friends....brunch yesterday with a friend...Wine with friend this week....Vacation soon. Nice life. But thinking about, um, it...

Chloe at the Museum

Monarchs on Asters -- like a bloom



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This whole situation made me sad.

Months ago when I first saw the news article, I totally 'read' the kid's face as gay...and the whole situation sounded like an online meeting.

And of course, I was on or near the mark. The kid was a young, gay man (with a supportive family, I might add!) And of course, the suspected (and suspicious-acting) killer is a Nazi. (I choose not so say "Neo-Nazi" because somehow it seems to make it sound Nazi-lite.)


I think what bothers me most is how bright with light his face was. It just makes me sad.


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Fun having brunch with friends this past weekend...I really should do that more often -- brunch is almost always fun!

On another note -- a friend today at lunch noted that it is kinda anal how many spreadsheets I keep. I told him -- just wait until I'm retired and have time to REALLY keep some spreadsheets, lol! It's gonna be amazing, lol!

And another note -- great about the Australian marriage equality referendum!
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Nothing earth-shattering, but it's nice to see an old gay man and a young gay boy talking about their experiences growing up and coming out.
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Most days, I find something to listen to or read that gets me a bit of Portuguese practice. Hoje tem um vídeo no YouTube que eu estou tentando pra entender...

The words are similar to a Portuguese proverb: If you run the beast catches (you); if you stay, the beast eats (you)." -- se correr, o bicho pega; se ficar, o bicho come.

There's an LGBT dimension to this video...
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Had a beer with a friend tonight...home now, just thinking about life....watching Youtubes, lol!


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