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Today is a good day. I settled on a rate for a new gig last night and gave my notice at my current gig today.

And I made an Amaryllis time-lapse (I think you will have to click on this and have it open in a new window in order to watch) --
Amarylis Time-Lapse
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Some transitions lately...

Friend Moving:

I had dinner with a friend last night...most likely the last time I'll see him in this lifetime. I met him in that Teaching English as a Second Language class that I was in a few years ago (I think 2014?). He had been back in town for a year or so, but is now heading to Canada to marry the girl of his dreams :)

I'm really happy for him, and I told him last night that I had gotten kinda fond of him over the last year of us hanging out. I think his parents are less supportive of his move, but I really see no downside -- this feels like the 'right action' for him. At 30 something, it's his decision anyways.

Lemon Tree

The semi-annual moving of my Grandmother's lemon tree was today. It gets harder and harder every year (as I age!!)...but the deed is done, and the tree will be outside until late Fall.

The reason it looks so dry is that I withhold water every year before the move to reduce the weight.


I'm heading to a new gig! Those of you who know me are not surprised, lol! I have accepted and come to peace with my status as a rolling stone :) Planning on doing a week of 'staycation' after I leave the current gig before the next starts.

Dinner tonight w/ friends...and brunch tomorrow with another friend...so a lot of food this weekend! But it's good to see my friends!


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