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In the Buddhist way, I have been watching my monkey mind's thoughts.

I am in-between gigs right now -- I left the last one yesterday, and will start the next one in a few days. I noticed today that my mind has been swirling between tasks I forgot to do for the projects at the last gig (past), and doing laundry, etc. to prepare for the gig starting soon (future).

The Past and Future thoughts are totally stealing my Present! Both types of thoughts are natural, but I would like to settle down and enjoy the Present :)

Hanging out with a friend tomorrow and then dinner first part of next week with another friend, so hopefully that will help!
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Today is a good day. I settled on a rate for a new gig last night and gave my notice at my current gig today.

And I made an Amaryllis time-lapse (I think you will have to click on this and have it open in a new window in order to watch) --
Amarylis Time-Lapse
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Some transitions lately...

Friend Moving:

I had dinner with a friend last night...most likely the last time I'll see him in this lifetime. I met him in that Teaching English as a Second Language class that I was in a few years ago (I think 2014?). He had been back in town for a year or so, but is now heading to Canada to marry the girl of his dreams :)

I'm really happy for him, and I told him last night that I had gotten kinda fond of him over the last year of us hanging out. I think his parents are less supportive of his move, but I really see no downside -- this feels like the 'right action' for him. At 30 something, it's his decision anyways.

Lemon Tree

The semi-annual moving of my Grandmother's lemon tree was today. It gets harder and harder every year (as I age!!)...but the deed is done, and the tree will be outside until late Fall.

The reason it looks so dry is that I withhold water every year before the move to reduce the weight.


I'm heading to a new gig! Those of you who know me are not surprised, lol! I have accepted and come to peace with my status as a rolling stone :) Planning on doing a week of 'staycation' after I leave the current gig before the next starts.

Dinner tonight w/ friends...and brunch tomorrow with another friend...so a lot of food this weekend! But it's good to see my friends!


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