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I may have posted this before but ran across it again tonight, but I really like this Youtube...it's a graphic description of Ancient Egyptian afterlife beliefs, set in the Biblical story of the final plague against the Egyptians before the exodus.


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The schedule on the Bisti trip was crazy...Day 1, we had class from 10 - 2...then we met at 4PM to go out all night, arriving back around 5AM...only to have another class start Noon!

I've done these workshops before, so I knew to go to the grocery story and buy stuff to store in the fridge in my hotel room. That way, I could make a quick sandwich in the room and have a few extra minutes of sleep!

But one morning, I had some free time to go to breakfast, and while I was eating I told the waitress what I was in Farmington for -- a photo workshop in Bisti.

She asked if we had seen any "Skin-walkers"...I had no idea what she meant, lol!

Evidently, this is a Navajo legend about people who can transform into animals...and there's a lot of negative talk about them, and it seems that the Navajos just keep quiet about them...but it seems there's not much to fear...just people who can transform -- humans who bring their good or bad with them, but just humans who can transform into animals.

So, I got a piece of information from having breakfast!

Which brings me to another memory....the very last night we were in Bisti, we were on our 'march' back to the parking lot, when the instructor spotted a tent near our path. To be polite, he diverted us pretty far around the tent, so as not to disturb the person.

I tend to 'bring up the rear', whether biking or hiking.

That night after we went around the tent, I had a lot of 'creepiness' -- I kept turning my head behind us, so my headlamp would show what was behind us....I kept having the sensation someone was following!

It went away after about a 1/2 mile, but I was uncomfortable for a while!

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Where are the werewolves?

And...signs of spring!

Portuguese learning video today. I think from the 1970s...


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