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After I cut hedges on Saturday, I needed a more fun day, so I went to the Napoleon exhibit at the museum yesterday --

And then took the camera down to Byrd Park to hunt for some damselflies. I think this one may be an Ebony Jewelwing? The bugs were eating me alive (a phrase I taught my Brazilian friend yesterday, lol)...so I could not stay in one place long enough to get more pics...

And then a meal w/ my Brazilian friends and their church friends...to celebrate the upcoming baby!
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An annual Christmas Day tradition is my visit to the VMFA -- even if I don't stay long, I like to walk in. It's sort of instead of going to the movies!

Terracotta Warriors exhibit at the museum

No visit to the museum is complete without visiting Caligula -- Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus....
No visit to the museum is complete without visiting Caligula!

This fits in well, as I am slowly making my way through a podcast -- The History or Rome.
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Had a very nice time with a friend at a wine bar last night. I was tipsier than I expected -- one of the wines was (do I remember the server correctly...) 14% alcohol?

Dinner with some other friends later this week. Should be fun!

I'm trying to re-start my social life a bit. A dear friend has been more and more unavailable to me for the last few months. He and I have always been sort of an 'odd couple'...but somehow we (maybe it was just me that..?) made it work for several years. But it has made me sad...And now I have to decide what the f**k to do with the small birthday present I bought him, which is sitting on a chair in my house!

Even when I don't get the words...I still listen to Brazilian music -- I figure if nothing else, it 'trains' my ear to the sound. And in this song, I looked up the lyrics..and there are a lot of words about Carnival that I don't really get...nor do I get the storyline. But it's pleasant music.

Headed over to the the fine art museum here to snap a few pics of Chloe -- the gigantic head outside of the museum. She's pretty eye catching! And flat from head on!
Chloe @ VMFA

Chloe @ VMFA


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