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You know...I really like the HomePod...it has worked out very nicely for me and allowed me to get rid of the old stereo system with all the wires and speakers. Frees up space in the living room...looks and sounds good.

But sometimes...sometimes.....Siri just grates me, lol!

I mean, I could give it to him if I were speaking Portuguese -- since I'm not a native Portuguese speaker. But in English really, there's no reason whatsoever he shouldn't have understood my instructions this morning.
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Fun day with H today having lunch and seeing an art exhibit! What better thing to do on a sunny, but cool Fall day, but to have lunch and walk to an art exhibit in an old train station with a friend?!

Found a recipe that uses an ingredient in my bar that I don't often use -- Elderberry Flower Liqueur. I found a recipe online that looked good, so I made it tonight. Not too bad at all! The sweet elderberry is counteracted by the bitter pomegranate juice, with the vodka providing a punch, and the wine sort of smoothing it all out...

On a different topic, "Do Not Disturb" while driving came to iOS with the last update. There are various settings, but basically when the phone is connected to Bluetooth and you're moving fast enough, the phone goes into 'Do Not Disturb' mode to block distractions while you're driving.

Make sense. It sends 2 messages: 1 to say that I'm driving, and 1 to tell the other user how to override my setting (by replying with 'urgent'). Although 2 messages struck me as as 1 too many, and the messages are wordy, they basically do the job.

You know I use my devices in Portuguese so the messages are in Portuguese, so the messages defaulted to Portuguese. I found that I can edit the 1st message -- the one that tells the other person that I'm driving and will look at the message later. But I also found that I can't edit the 2nd message.

I decided to edit the 1st message since most of the people receiving the message are English speakers.

The effect on my phone is that the 1st message comes out in English and the 2nd in Portuguese!


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