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I like remembering my dreams.

The other night, I had a dream where I was sitting on a couch, watching TV at a gay bar. Mind you, there was no roof -- this was a sectional sofa with a large screen TV outside in the open.

I was sitting between 2 guys. The guy on the right was, appropriately, "Mr. Right". The guy on the left was "Mr. Right Now"...

Mr. Right was sandy blond, average to muscular build, quiet and rugged. Mr. Right Now was glassy eyed and dark haired and very demanding of my attention. As a matter of fact, Mr. Right Now wouldn't leave me alone until he got my contact information, and I remember thinking that I was wasting time talking to him when I really wanted to be talking to the guy on my right.

Mr. Right Now also had a kiss that was WAY TOO WET...In the end, I did get to talk to Mr. Right (on my right)...I remember that he made me feel emotionally safe. An interesting detail.

I don't remember anything else...it was a pretty vivid dream as they go.
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Fitful sleep last night -- one bad dream followed by another! It was a night when waking up in the morning was a relief! There was one particular dream that I have almost no details about, only that I remember being in the deep forest alone with no light. And it was particularly uncomfortable.

After the next bizarre dream, I did manage to rouse myself to make some notes. FYI -- what follows is NOT a great story or anything -- just a collection of details about frustrating, gross and uncomfortable situations!

The dream opens with me searching for my airline baggage in a big pile in the middle of a small London square. The ground is dirt not asphalt, so maybe it is the 1800s. So yes, anachronistically there is airline baggage in the dirt of an 1800s London square. I am very frustrated because my checked bag is not in the pile.

Next I run into a former friend unexpectedly. She is also looking for her luggage, also seems frustrated and upon seeing me delivers an accusatory declaration that we keep meeting, and that at these accidental meetings I am interacting with her in a manner not to her liking for some reason. Her face is blotchy whereas I remember that she always had great skin tone!

Now, I'm standing on the side street at a covered shop entrance. There is a cop and two of his goons standing on the street keeping watch. I'm standing in the covered entrance while this mean looking, cloaked guy is feeling me up -- running his hands all over me. This is NOT a pleasant experience, and it seems I am only submitting to this gross touch because the cop has insisted. We both have all our clothes on, so it's not intimate, just gross.

Anyway, next the gross guy is gone, and I'm out on the street complaining to the cop. He is quite tall and broad-shouldered and appears to be Irish with gorgeous strawberry blond hair, a large nose and smallish mustache. He called one of the two goons by the name of Francis, and he orders them to go to the baggage to search.

The cop is one of those guys who does bad things and then acts apologetic for it. I remember rolling my eyes in the dream because I hate fake apologies!

Next I'm sitting down the street at a corner to get my bearings. This trip has started out on a very wrong note, and I need to decide what to do next now that I only have my carry-on bag and have lost my checked luggage.

Did I mention there are sick and dying people lying all around on the sidewalks? My first thought is that they have the plague, although I have no knowledge of plague symptoms.

One sick little girl attacks me, and her eyes are darting all around me looking for opportunities to steal the bag I am carrying. I fight her off and notice that her skin is putrid, yellow, and squishy and after our fight some of her flesh is trapped under my fingernails. I am grossed out now and wondering if I am going to be infected with whatever sickness they have!

And THAT is where the dream ended...and I woke up. The dreams really were not happy last night!
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Had some weird dreams last night. Maybe it was the Full Moon? Maybe the gin? In any event, I woke up in the middle of last night having had this dream.


I was walking with my camera around a tourist site; a site which was a collection of statues -- kind of a 'statue theme park'. You can think of them like Greek and Roman statues -- tall, graceful, white granite sorts of affairs. There were lots of these statues around.

And here's the difference: the statues could move - like animatrons, repeating actions over and over. An example was a group of the statues were playing bocce ball, meaning they were repeatedly walking up, tossing their ball, and then retreating backwards, only to repeat the same ball tossing sequence over and over and over.

Of course even in my dreams, like real life, I had to pee, and I saw the bathrooms. Both bathrooms were open-air, with no privacy, and not easily distinguishable. So, I go over to the first open-air stone patio "bathroom" and saw slits in the ground (presumably for squatting over), and the inscriptions were about women. So, I crossed the way to the other open-air stone patio "bathroom", which had a shallow moving pond and inscriptions about men. This was presumably the men's bathroom.

It was getting dark by this point. While I was standing there peeing in the pond and watching the bocce ball statues play their game, the lights dimmed, and the statues slowly ground to a halt. I zipped up, and then suddenly there was this tall, thin, expressionless man in a jacket silently pointing me in the direction of the exit. I guess the show was over.

Walk to the Parking Lot

As I'm walking up the asphalt pathway back to the parking lot, I hear this rhytmic thumping coming up behind me. I startle and turn around, and it'a tall, thin guy (not the same one) walking. It turns out this guy had a wooden leg, so every other step made a thump noise on the asphalt.

I started walking again, but the thumping constantly made me peer back, and the guy finally got tired of me, I guess, and quickly walked past me on the way to the bus in the parking lot. He trotted on ahead of me, thumpety-thumpety-thump, got on the bus, and then the bus started up and LEFT! I ran yelling for the bus to stop, but it never stopped.

So here I was, all alone at dusk in the parking lot and feeling all FML.


First thing I did was text sisters letting them know to call the cops if I didn't check in every hour or so.

I remember thinking that the wooden leg guy purposely did not tell the bus driver to stop, even though he knew I was still on the path. And the bus driver now had the correct number of people on the bus, so he was able to leave. So, this all felt like a set up.

I left the parking lot and started walking down the road, looking at maps on my phone to figure out where to go, and then I called the Lyft service to come pick me up. It was a pretty rural area, so the nearest Lyft car was like 17 miles away, so it was going to be an expensive ride.

I continue walking, and then a car pulls off the road, and a guy gets out and offers me a ride. I decline since I have already called Lyft and knew where I was going. And I have decided by this point that the guy has a bad vibe.

Then he rushes me, slashes my throat, and I die.

~~~ The End ~~~


I told you it was a slasher dream, lol! And I guess after I died was a good place for me to wake up, because there is no more left to that dream.

I don't mind dying in a dream -- I've done that plenty, and I think it's usually associated with some change in my life (death of the old, birth of of the new sort of thing).

And the primary purpose of the dream seems to have been in the statues tourist site and walking to the parking lot -- it was the longest part of the dream. Particularly, the bocce ball playing statues took up a lot of time. The end part on the road was quick and painless, lol!
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I tend to have uncomfortable, and sometimes weird, dreams when I sleep on my back...and last night was no exception.

Without any specific reason to, I dreamed about my mom having dementia. In the dream, she couldn’t remember me or my siblings — only very infrequently to the point when she was actually remembering me, I got up and called my sisters into the room, so they could experience the brief lucidity also.

And the dream sequence turned onto a time when my youngest sister was in the same situation — of being in the room with my mom during a period of lucidity. Her choice was to enjoy the time with mom by herself, lol! And that made sense also, since she is closer to my mom than the other siblings.

I don't recall particularly worrying about my parents last night, but I suppose there is something lurking in my subconscious about it!
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Such weird dreams last night!

A guy (whom I don' t know in real life) showed up in three different vignettes...Each of the vignettes was uncomfortable for a different reason.

First, I'm inside a house with a sun room that opens onto a pool. The guy comes in from the pool and proceeds to disrobe in front of me...Every dream has 'rules', and according to the rules of this dream, this guy was otherwise involved (so not available to me) but I was very interested in him. So the uncomfortable part of this dream was pretending not to be interested in him as he stood naked talking to me.

Second vignette of the triptych was a scene from real life, but played out in my dream, where a customer my company had been entertaining got stranded at a bus stop at Disney -- we were on the bus, but the doors closed and the customer was left behind. The 'dream guy' played the part the customer in this vignette.

Last vignette was at a bar, and I was sitting beside the guy at a table while the group drank brandy (?)...and the discomfort in this scene was some serving issue.

It's weird to have 1 guy show up in 3 different sorts of vignettes, but even more odd to remember the dreams!


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