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I downloaded and watched a Sci Fi movie tonight called Interstellar. I often have pretty low expectations for Sci-Fi -- a lot of them are just intended to be action packed movies to sell tickets (I'm looking at you, Independence Day)...

But Interstellar had some meat to it! It was pretty emotional -- I'm not one to get emotional at movies too much, but I have to admit I teared up in a few places!

The title of this post is a line from a parent -- saying that after children are born, parents' roles are to be memories for their kids. That line resonated with me! But it's not just parents -- after a certain age, I think all older peoples' roles become to be memories for the next generations!

Besides being emotional, the movie also explored sufficiently nerdy ideas (like time as a dimension and space travel) to definitely warrant the Sci-Fi category, and the movie is definitely worth a watch!


Feb. 26th, 2017 08:37 pm
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So...I watched this movie tonight because it was about gay people, had a happy ending, and had a Portuguese angle...it switched back and forth between Spanish and Portuguese.

The only problem is that the Portuguese was limited to the conflicted guy's interaction with his wife (girlfriend?)...the boys (as children) and men (as adults) spoke Spanish...and the wife and he spoke Spanish in public settings because this was set in Argentina. So I heard some Portuguese, but mostly it was Spanish.

Nothing earth-shattering here, but happy ending -- boy falls in love with boy as child...they find each other again as adults. I liked how the movie went back and forth between adults and children, sometimes repeating the very same scene as the adults find their way back to each other.

The title is 'Tidelands' -- which in Virginia we would call 'Tidewater' -- meaning the estuaries where the boys grew up.


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