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...camera backpack!

I know that all photographers search for 'the one' -- and by 'the one', I'm talking about a backpack that serves the photog's needs!

Is it too much to ask for these?
  • Holds my 7D Mark II with a battery grip.
  • Holds a couple of other lenses.
  • WATER BOTTLE HOLDER, omg...why is this so hard to add to a bag? Seriously?
  • Holds my small Macbook Air.
  • Has space for underwear, socks, toothbrush, medicine -- all the stuff you take 'on the plane'
  • Has a place to put a tripod on the outside of the bag.
  • Holds all the extra stuff -- memory cards, lens wipes, extra batteries, etc.
  • Has a waist strap (a sternum strap might suffice).
  • Space for a sandwich and at least a couple liters of water.
  • Space to roll up my fleece jacket (or at least a rain jacket).
  • Is as light as possible.

Maybe I'm asking too much. I have typically taken my old 'bookbag' -- because I can put hand towels in it to cushion the camera and lenses, while also having space for everything else, including a small laptop. I just kinda wish it had a specially made space made for the camera and lenses.

That 1 bookbag has been around the world with me! Thailand, Europe, Brazil, the US, lots of places! And it is showing its age now.


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