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The last day I was in Farmington, I had nothing planned. And there was a picture that I wanted to take, but it was 2.5 hours drive away, and I had to be there by 10ish AM. I was feeling so lazy that I did NOT want to get up early and do that drive!

But I did get up, and I think I got a decent photo for the trouble. This is "House on Fire", taken with my iPhone:
House on Fire in Mule Canyon near Blanding Utah

The effect of fire is caused by the sun reflecting off the rock in front of the pueblo. This happens as the sun comes up behind the pueblo, and shines over into the canyon. Once the sun gets too high in the sky and the sunlight gets too direct, the effect stops.

So I had been reading that the effect happens between 10AM and Noon .... but I could never tell what time of year that was (standard time or daylight savings...). It's a 20 minute walk (a mile or so) from the trailhead to the site, so I figured I needed to be there by about 9:30. I got to the trailhead and arrived at the site on schedule...and then I waited....and waited...and waited. I think I could have gotten there an hour later and been fine, lol!

Here's a pic from a different angle. You can see a little of the 'fire' to the right - but the fire effect really is dependent on the angle.
House on Fire in Mule Canyon near Blanding Utah

One thing to note is that there is a small fee for the park service when you go on this hike. But when I got to the trailhead, I didn't see a place to play. It turns out that the fee box is just after you turn off the highway onto the dirt road. I totally missed it. I ended up paying on the way out (I don't mind paying small fees to help the park service).

I think this might be a place that I visit again when I go back to Utah.


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